Vendors Terms and conditions

Posted: 9/6/2020

To use this service as a Vendor ,you must register an account, provide true and accurate information and accept terms of service and condition.

1. Businesses and experts registering on this platform are to submit business registration document or certification of expertise or evidence of work done & experience.
2. Individual registering on this platform has to submit a copy of the national(ID ) or drivers licence or international passport for identification and verification .
3. Items and services provided will be verified and approved for listing and published within( 48) hours after upload.
4. Vendors are advised to upload(high quality images)of their products and services to enhance visuals.
5.Equipment or item listed has to be in Top shape ( good working or mint condition)to serve the purpose of renting.Please note that regular Maintenance and servicing of items and equipment are required from vendors to stay on this platform .
6. Regular service maintenance are required for all services listed on RENTALL
6. Defective service delivery by vendor will result to a refund to customer .
7. Vendor will bear the Inspection cost if service delivery is found defective.
8. Vendor will be taken off the platform completely after three(3) defaults in quality service provision and complaint by customers.
9.Vendors are to ensure constant quality service delivery and professionalism through-out their stay on this platform to avoid delisting or legal penalty for in-appropriate activity.
10.Vendors payout for service rendered to customer will held for a minimum of ( 48) hours after service delivery to ensure quality service was delivered and satisfied without any compliant before disbursement .This will help us to ensure that vendors stay on top of their orders and delivers quality service on time.You can see our payment policy for more details
11.Vendor is advised to have in place an insurance or store policies :

• Guide against damage, theft or loss of item, especially items that cannot be monitored while renting
• Policies that ensures smooth transaction.

12.Vendor must set up these following (policies)on the mini- store dashboard,the ones relating to the nature of their businesses ,so as to guide customers while transacting.
 Shipping/delivery
 Cancellation/Return
 Refund
 Other Service Policy

13. Vendor must also state other service (conditions or restrictions) that guides customers decision.
14. Vendor is advised to totally avoid unrealistic pricing ,policies and other conditions that endangers transaction but should ensure competitive pricing , good policies and practices that encourages customers patronage.
15.Vendor is to note that RENTALL will not be liable for any incidents that leads to injury or loss ,loss of any item, damage, acts of God scenario or out of our policy occurrence.
16. Vendor must set up a way to receive our instant notification for customers request in real time and plan a prompt service delivery action ,starting with calling the customer to confirm request received.
17. Vendor is to note that RENTALL will verify details of items, and services uploaded before approving for listing so as to avoid sub-standard, poor service and un-qualified person or organization.
18.Vendor is to provide ( Rentall delivery note) for customer to sign so as to testify service delivery with a copy given to customer and a copy forward to RENTALL for confirmation of service delivery.
19. Vendors can download the(delivery note) through their dashboard account or contact RENTALL vendors- support for assistance.
20.Vendor is to note that we charge a Commission of 6.5%for( Promo/discount) Price and 8.5%for(Normal) Price from every transaction .Our commission for alternative payment options , e.g…(Payment on delivery or at vendors service center) is to remitted to our bank account to avoid legal penalty and total removal from the platform.
21. Vendor is urged to learn our(Posting Rules and safety tips) .
22. Vendor is advised to abide and comply with rules and regulations of RENTALL to avoid delisting or legal consequences.

 Please note that RENTALL will verify , carry out background checks and annual appraisal on every vendor to prevent(sub- standard , fraudulent individuals or organization)., as a result, vendor has to ensure quality control and excellent service delivery .

Please note that this agreement may be updated at any-time and it will take effect as when posted.

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