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Cutomers terms and conditions

Posted: 9/6/2020
To use this service as a Customer, you must agree to our terms of service, payment policy and vendors store- policy .

1. The usage of some services on this platform might be subjective to (vendors- store policy) .
2. The customer is to note that, RENTALL only control Booking Payment that passes through our platform until (48) hours after service delivery.
3. The Customer is required to sign and keep a copy of service (delivery note) after service has been delivered and satisfied.
4. Customers can lodge any complaint and service-related queries to our customer-care contact. Please note that Service delivery complaint will be checked by our (Inspection team) to validate any defective service delivery.
5. Customers complaint for defective service can only be lodged within( 48)hours after service delivery. Please note that service complaint becomes invalid after this set period of (48)hours.
6. The customer is note that Poor service delivery must be found totally defective before refund can be issued .Please note that refund is subjected to(vendors – store policy).
7.The Customer is to note that RENTALL only control Booking Payment that passes through our platform.Payment on delivery or at Vendors Service Center is totally controlled by vendors policy. ,this payment transaction is just between (vendor and customer).we advise customer to make a good judgment while taking up a rent acquisition of this payment mode.
8. The Customer is to know that ( Cancellation of service, Refund/return, shipping/delivery and Other service conditions) are subjected to vendors store- Policy. RENTALL only takes responsibility for booking payment that passes through our Platform until ( 48)hours after service delivery.
9. The Customer is advised to read our(safety tips) before making a request.
10. The Customer is urged to report any fraudulent activity to our customer- care contact .
11. Customers are advised to make their Payment through our platform RENTALL to ensure quality control and confirmation of payment.
12. The customer is to note that RENTALL will NOT be liable for any incident that leads to any form of loss , injury , damage,accident, theft, act of God scenario or out of policy occurrence.
13.Minors – Persons under the age of( 18 )are not eligible to use any of these services .
Please note that this agreement may be updated at any-time and it will take effect as when posted

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