Safety Tips

The trust of our clients is a top priority for us, even if there is no definite way to identify a fraudulent act but we are doing our very best to filter out fraudulent intent or activity by any party. As we are designing trust on our platform, we also advise customers to make a good judgment while taking up a rental acquisition, especially payment transaction that directly involves vendor.

We are trying to work towards (100%) verification of vendors transparency even as we cannot guarantee 100% fraud free transactions, especially transaction that involves (Payment on delivery or at Service Center),we advise you to take a good judgment and keep the original transaction details of rents supplier or rentee until transaction is completed and satisfied.
Please take these following tips as guide while taking up a rental acquisition or providing a rental need.

Rent Taker/Customer
• Test the condition and functionality of any rent item or product you requested at delivery or at pick up center to be sure it in good working condition and suits your need.
• Check the vendor’s service condition before taken up your offer.
• Get a verifiable details of your rent provider
• Choose the best and safest place for delivery if item (Rentall will not be liable for any loss ,theft ,damage, injury , act of God scenario or out of policy occurrences)
• Please check at vendors service Center for any service restrictions, Policy and other conditions to make sure it suits your need before taking up your offer.
• Reading vendors reviews can also help while making a request.
• Sign and keep a copy of the delivery note after service is delivered and satisfied
• Lodge your complaint or report any fraudulent activity to our customer-care center.

Rent Provider/vendor
• Confirm information of rent takers when delivering or at Pick up center
• We advise you have an insurance to cover your asset and set Policies to guide the use of your items and services. Please note that (Rentall will not be liable for any loss, damage, theft, injury , act of God scenario or out of policy occurrences)
• Confirm Payment when service has been delivered and satisfied
• Make sure you test the functionality of your item &product with rent takers to confirm it in good working condition and meets the need.
• Provide Rentall delivery note and confirm customer signature after service delivery.
• Always transact with your registered number and details while dealing with your rent taker/rentee.
• Report any fraudulent activity to our vendors contact center.

Please note that learning our Policies will safe guide you transacting on this platform

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