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Rentall is Nigeria’s largest multi- vendor rental platform that connects people looking to rent anything conveniently.

At Rentall, we are poised at making quality services and items available for people to rent and make money at the most affordable and convenient manner.  we operate a seamless system to help our customers experience ease of transaction which create a competitive pricing, instant costing and flexible modes of payment .

With us, you have an ideal multi-vendor Rental marketplace that helps vendors to easily connect to their target audience, by given them increase visibility, reach more customers , pull traffic, meet customers  needs and ultimately increase their sales. Vendors get to have separate dashboard from which they can manage their orders, products, create (catalogs  & cart promotions)  and various other settings to boost sales.


70 +
500 +
2000 +

Our goal is to revolutionize the rental industry to be  the number one trusted platform that provides excellent rental marketplace which feeds all rental needs and also give businesses  and entrepreneurs a solid way to launch a scalable  rental businesses for variety of products and services such as, Cloths & Accessories, Vehicle hire , Event & Party service, Real Estate commercial, Expert service, Plant & machinery, Equipment & Instrument, Electronics, Boat & ship (Marine) service, chopper( Aviation) service, etc.

We run an innovative business model that target the needs of the general public with pocket friendly services that save money on products and items which ordinarily they cannot afford to buy but can rent for temporary usage. Eventually their needs are conveniently met without buying things they only need to rent.

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