Payment Policy

Posted: 9/6/2020

At Rentall, we only control booking payment that passes through our platform until service has been delivered . Please be aware that refund for defective service will only considered within (48hrs) after service delivery. So we urge you to lodge your complaint within this time frame.
Rentall will not be responsible for Payment transaction made directly made to vendor .we only control payment that passes through our platform, so we advice customers to always exercise good judgment while making Payment transaction that only involves vendor.
We only accept full payment booking reservation which allows cancellation of booking (48hrs) before your rental is due to start. Cancellation of booking less than (48hrs) in advance before your rental is due to start will be subjected to vendors refund policy plus our processing fee.

The customer should know that we only make refunds for these( 2)payment modes.
• Bank Transfer (Rentallng multi-vendor services)
• Debit/Credit Card Payment -gateway
Please note that Rentall will NOT be responsible for other payment modes like (Payment on delivery or at vendor service center).

Whenever you received a refund for cancellation of booking from Rentall there will be a reduction amount of(1.9%) processing fee.
The only time you receive (100%) refund is when service delivery is found totally defective or vendor fails to deliver service requested.
Cancellation of booking in (48hrs) or more before your rental is due to start ,the money you’ve paid will be refunded minus the processing fee of(1.9%), if you cancel less than (48hrs) in advance before your rental is due to start,then vendors refund policy comes to play plus our processing fee of(1.9%)which will be communicated with customer.
Please note that It will take a minimum of(5-7) business working days before you can see a refunded credit on your account depending on your bank.

Vendors Payout
Rentall only releases Payout amount to vendor(48hrs)after service has been delivered as satisfied. This will help us to ensure vendors stay on top of their orders and delivers quality service on time.Please note that if service delivery is found defective, vendor will not receive payout but a refund will be issued to customer.
We advise vendors to download our delivery note and ensure customer signs to testify service satisfactory .
The delivery note will also serve as one of our confirmation processes for vendors payout.

Fees/charges & Pricing
• There are no fee for registering on our platform. Rentall only charges vendor for each transaction and the fee will be deducted upon payout .
• We charge as low as (6.5%)to keep business running. There are no hiding charges.
• Vendors determines the Pricing for their items and services listed on Rentall.

Multiple Payment Options
• Bank Transfer
• Card Payment Gateway
• Payment on Delivery or at Vendor Service Center

Rentall Nigeria only transact their businesses on this Platform .we do not operate with agents or brokers . Our services and vendors services will only be communicated to you on this platform. Please disregard any organization or individual claiming to be helping us carry out our transactions.

Our Bank Account Details:
A/C: 1022541665

Please note that this agreement may be updated at any-time and it will take effect as when posted.

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