Our Posting rules are created to supportRentall’spolicies and values and Government laws and regulations,which will also minimum risk for both vendors and customers and ensure quality service , smooth and excellent transaction.
We urge our potential vendors to learn our Posting rules as guide for listingtheiritems and services.

Prohibited Products/items
• Adult / Pornographic materials
• Embargoed goods
• Endangered Species
• Explosive substances
• Hazardous materials & offensive materials
• Human Parts and Remains
• Prohibited items that is against government laws and policies
• Product without government approval
• Weapons
• Unrealistic Prices and other offers
• Un-approved medical drugs
• Law enforcement materials without approval

Prohibited Services
• Adult/sexual & dating Program
• Get rich quick schemes
• Under age transaction
• Human trafficking services
• Government Prohibited services

Please note that learning our Policies will safe guide you transacting on this platform

Rentall Nigeria
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